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Trade Registration

What is a Route To Market Partner (RTMP)

Appointed “brick & mortar” shops carrying shelf space to service customers. These include Farm & Delicatessen shops, Market Stores, Artisan Butchers, Health Stores , Garden Centre Stores and Premium Food Stores.We support these stores with their online stores too through our IT department and can set up drop shipment arrangements.

Dedicated Online established shops/stores that service customers through an online service to an area or customer base.

Why be an Appointed Route To Market Partner (RTMP)

Our Dr Trouble sauce is rare and only approximately 230,000 125ml bottles or equivalent will be hand crafted each year for global consumption. Availability also depends heavily on weather and climate as all our ingredients are grown naturally.

We will guarantee supply or at the very least priories supply to our RTMP first.

We will look to assist at all times to grow sales through promotions, product tastings and support through social media. 

We will look to work with you our registered RTMP to restrict appointment of other RTMP in your immediate customer catchment area

We will give you our RTMP access to our promotion packs and product innovations first 

What’s involved in becoming a Route To Market Partner (RTMP)

You will be required to follow the following short steps:

  • Fill out the registration form below.
  • Once approved you will be registered as a RTMP ( 48 hours Max )
  • Place a minimum order for 1 cases of each variant and size (4 cases in total)
  • Send us your logo, social media details and any information about your store that we can use to create activity to promote your store around our Dr Trouble Sauce.
  • Send us pictures of your Dr Trouble on a shelf displayed in your store. We will use these pictures on social media.